What To Expect When Adopting A Dog

Puppies or adult dogs. Adoption and second chance for those animals that are in a street situation. All these alternatives are totally valid for those who want to include a dog as a new member of the family. This act of love not only changes the life of the pets but also of the people.

Behind this gesture, there are responsibilities that cannot be left unfulfilled once the decision has been made. Some of the duties to be fulfilled are to ensure that they have a good diet, exercise daily, be stimulated through play and receive regular attention from a veterinarian.

There are those who prefer smaller animals because they want to know their character in the smallest detail, but there are also those who decide to give older animals or those who have suffered mistreatment of all kinds throughout their lives a second chance.

As explained to Infobae by the ethologist Silvia Vai, in both cases, the protectors take into account in an exclusive way who the adopters are. Generally, the procedure includes a previous interview in which the interested party is known and subsequently, except for exceptions in which the interest is not genuine.

Once the dog is in the home, a follow-up is made that can include visits to the home to control the state of the animal. However, there are some cases in which it is necessary to recover it to avoid future problems.

Unfortunately, there are many who forget in a memory box the most important thing: that they are not objects but living beings. There are quite a few cases in which they are taken as toys and not as pets. “Sometimes, it must be accommodated to the breakup of couples, with loss of partners and territory; to the shared ownership where each of their tutors imposes its own time and rules or to the assembled families,” Vai expressed.

“In addition to the incorporation of new individuals to the home, other animals usually arrive, of the same species, and they can get along well or badly, a situation that can generate anxiety. It can also happen that he lives in a small apartment and that makes it impossible for him to have access to his own space to get away and not be disturbed,” he added.